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    Starry Baby Night Light

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    Let’s dream away under the stars
    Lights. Music. Naptime. Getting a fussy or restless young one to sleep can be a real challenge. Whether it’s an afternoon nap or time to get some shut-eye at night, gain an extra hand to soothe a baby or young child into Zzz land with this spectacular Starry Baby Night Light. Discover a music-playing, light-displaying, voice-recording fun box that is a powerhouse for pacifying a crying child. Let’s put an end to the tiring “you this time, then I’m next” switching between you and your significant other for putting the baby to rest.
    It does everything you can
    So let it do the work
    Puts on a light show
    Let you baby gaze in wonder at the stars before dozing off.
    Plays music
    Play soothing and relaxing tunes to help your baby fall asleep.
    Records your voice
    Leave a message by speaking into the built-in microphone to let you little one feel you are there.
    Sets a nap timer
    Included is a timer function for 30 and 60 minutes so you can know when it’s time to wake up your child.
    A galaxy of color
    With red, green, and blue light you can set the star projector lamp to shine a single color -- or a mix of all three. Plus, if you’re in need of a moody light for movie night or something, you can use this baby lamp (no judgement here. Just more multifunctional use for you).
    Furry faces in the night
    A sweet rabbit, bear, and cow show their bedtime-ready faces on the lamp in eyes-closed looks, encouraging your baby to get some shut-eye too.Add warm, inviting color to a baby nursery or your living room for a relaxing atmosphere and vibe.
    Made from love
    Constructed of bump-resistant ABS plastic, our Starry Baby Night Light is crafted to absorb any hits, bumps,
    or falls for greater peace of mind (and less chance of any damage of injury) when in use (or if it accidentally falls).
     The light is powered by one 1.5V AA battery that is not included with your purchase.
    Great for newborns
    Our lamp is a wonderful idea for babies 18 months or older.
    Sized for tiny tots
    Measuring just 5.5in x 7.1in (140mm x 180mm), our night light won’t take up much space, fitting perfectly on a dresser or cribside end table.
    Starry Baby Night Light

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